.: anatomical rig :.

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.: the anatomical rig :.

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This video shows the results of my diploma thesis at the University of applied Sciences in Salzburg/Austria.

Optimization and reduction of the
human skeletal system for 3d-animation

The research was to find out if a rig, which is completly based on human skeletal
anatomy can produce better deformation and also animation results than normal
standard rigs do. So the rig was built to be as anatomically correct as possible on
one hand, while maintaining easy to use and intuitve manipulation controls on the
other hand.

The main features:

* as anatomically correct as possible and reasonable (with maya’s standard feature set)
* anatomical correct placement and behavior of all bodyparts
* anatomical dependencies throughout the spine, shoulder and hip
* anatomical limits on all joints
* fk-based spine-setup with additional ik-spline like controls
(because with a spline-ik, joints can not be exactly controlled)
* anatomically correct chest rig with breathe control
* fully automated clavicle and scapula
* stable shoulderjoint self-rotation elimination in all possible poses
* stable wrist-setup
* automatic pole-vectors for arms and legs, so are in the expected
positions most of the time
* anatomically correct foot-setup with reverse-foot like controls
* anatomically correct jaw setup
* fully joint-based, no use of extra deformation techniques
to be comparable with standard-setups
* fully node-based, no expressions

The results:

The resulting deformation of the rig reaches a high level without using any extra
deformation techniques like corrective-blendshapes. The anatomical limits on
almost any joint leads keeps the rig in anatomical space and leads to some really
natural looking motions. As a “side-effect” of the limits on the joints but not on the
control-objects the motion is distributed to next bodypart when the previouse one
reached its limit, which looks very pleasing.

So being as anatomically correct in placement and behavior of the joints leads to
very good deformations. Building anatomical dependcies between bodyparts and
limiting all joints results in very natural motions while always being in a correct
anatomical space.